Flash Lux’s rebuilding continues after the additions of Oberon and CoMa earlier this month. Modern announced his own departure from the team, while shortly afterwards the team themselves revealed the resignations of Unis and Kisu. The team will be finalizing their roster for OGN APEX Season 4 with the acquisition of Shu.

Kisu was present for Flash Lux since APEX Season 1, while Unis and Modern joined for Season 2. The roster all together has been unable to capture the lightning in the bottle over the past year, dropping out of the group stages in all three seasons of APEX. The team notably had to make their way back into APEX in Season 3 via Super Week, where they climbed through the loser’s group to make it back to the main division.

Shu will be diving into his first professional team, coming in with a reputation as one of the top Ana players on the Korean ladder and Twitch. The addition of new blood could light the spark for the dimly lit team. They have already shown us flashes, taking two maps from the new-look Kongdoo Uncia in the ongoing Bigfile Overwatch Battleroyal in what was the new roster's debut performance.

Despite placing last in their group in APEX Season 3, they will not have to fight in Super Week, APEX’s promotion and relegation tournament, due to the changes announced by OGN, which will see Super Week for APEX Season 4 canceled, and all of the Korean teams from APEX Season 3 retaining their spots for next season regardless of where they placed in Season 3.

Flash Lux's team is now:

  • Kim "Veil" Ho-Wook (DPS)
  • Kim "Fleta" Byung-Sun (DPS)
  • Kim "Weeso" Sang-Woo (Tank)
  • Ham "Oberon" Eun-Sang (Tank)
  • Son "CoMa" Kyeong-Woo (Support)
  • Kim "Shu" Jin-Seo (Support)

A special thank you to TISRobin311 for his help with the article.