Selfless’s co-owners Ryu and Brad announced today that they will be stepping down from their roles in the organisation to pursue other opportunities. As a result, most of their rosters have been transferred to other orgs; the Overwatch roster however has not.

The Overwatch section of the announcement read:

Since the launch of Overwatch we have fielded a team, and that team has become a prime example of what can be achieved through intentional, purposeful, hard work. While initially we struggled to find success, through said hard work and dedication we cemented ourselves as one of the top teams in the region throughout 2017, and we are extremely proud of this accomplishment.

Unfortunately, with many other organizations releasing their rosters, and given talks we’ve had with those in the space, we were not able to sell our team as a whole to any other organizations.

We absolutely expect to see our players competing in the upcoming Overwatch League, albeit likely with different logos. To the team—you guys are all incredible players, and all of your matches, whether they were wins or losses, were incredibly intense and entertaining—with several of them contending for the greatest matches in competitive Overwatch to date. We’re looking forward to seeing you continue to compete in whatever shape that takes.

Kresnik, emongg, Midnight, Carpe, Michael3D, and dhaK are now free agents. Sinatraa remains under contract but is searching for a team, while the management noted that dafran is under contract but is “reforming”.

LegitRC and Brad, the coaches, along with Crosby, the team manager, and Andrew, the Korean translator and analyst, are all looking for a new team.

dafran is currently in Denmark, while Carpe will remain in the US for a couple of weeks to trial before returning to Korea.

Alongside these two, Sinatraa is the stand-out player now available after Selfless have disbanded. His Tracer ability was one of the consistently powerful components of every Selfless victory, pushing the boundaries with excellent movement behind enemy lines. With an overall lack of worldclass Tracer ability in North American domestic talent, Sinatraa should be a precious commodity if the hero keeps its place in the meta. Even if it doesn’t, the flashes of Genji and Zarya on stream hint at a deeper hero pool than fully demonstrated in Selfless.

Selfless failed to make it out of Contenders Season Zero groups in a disappointing finish for the team. Roster switches shortly before the tournament, as a result of dafran’s competitive ban, gave them little time to gel together and Selfless ended their highly competitive group in fourth.

dafran was not the only longstanding player absent from Contenders for Selfless. The team has had issues with their tanks for a number of months since adapting to the implementation of D.Va in North America; it required former Roadhog player emongg onto Winston in their dive compositions and for Contenders Selfless also added Midnight into the mix to replace Kresnik on offtank.

Their losses in Contenders were the team’s first major dip in form. One month before, Selfless were able to walk away with a trophy from the Rivalcade Memorial Day Rumble after beating LG Evil, Renegades, and Cloud9 in playoffs. Prior to that, Selfless had been the highest ranked team in North America outside of APEX participants Rogue and EnVyUs, despite placing second to ARC 6 in the first OMM without Rogue present.

Selfless provided some incredible matches over their time at the apex of NA, sporting unusual styles powered by insane individual DPS talent.

Their dissolution marks the end of a long-standing rivalry with Rogue, who have just returned from Korea. The Frenchmen return to a different lineup at the top of North American Overwatch, with Immortals rather than Selfless at the top.