Despite strong tournament performances throughout early 2017, Immortals decided earlier today to strengthen the team with a host of signings after recent struggles. Korean players KariV and Fate, formerly of Mighty AOD, will join the roster of Immortals as the team seeks to recharge the lineup. The pair will replace Aythen and Nomy, who were both long-standing members of the team and will form the first two members of Immortals' reserve roster.

KariV is of course most famous for his Widowmaker and Tracer play throughout APEX, as he demonstrated that despite the team's failure to qualify for the playoffs, his own talent was still quite clear. The pair most recently defeated Kongdoo Panthera in a close 3-2 set.

Additionally, the team decided to add a support staff to aid in the growth of these new players and help integrate the new Korean players into the lineup. Joshua Kim, a former OGN caster and member of the Korean esports scene, will step in as the team's new manager. To join him, former Rhinos Gaming Wings coach Ookz will fill in as the new head coach. According to Immortals' blog post, Ookz was important in scouting for new players and subsequently bringing over KariV and Fate.

Immortals' new additions are exceptionally notable when so many teams are pulling out of Overwatch, and speak to the organization's commitment to the game's future.

The new Immortals roster is now:

  • Brady "Agilities" Girardi (DPS)
  • Christopher "GrimReality" Schaefer (DPS)
  • George "Hyped" Maganzini (Flex)
  • Koo "Fate" Pan-seung (Tank)
  • Stefano "Verbo" Disalvo (Support)
  • Bak "KariV" Young-seo (Support)
  • Kim "Ookz" Dong-wook (Coach)
  • Joshua "Minsoo" Kim (Manager)

Update: It has been clarified that KariV will play support for the team.