We reported earlier this month that a new French roster was being formed under LDLC; that six man Francophone squad - though admittedly containing baud from Belgium - has now been announced.

KabaL and NokSs have been joined on LDLC by Hqrdest, Chubz, baud, and Pipou, all four last seen playing in the former Bonjour team, previously signed by Sydioda. All players have reprised their former roles other than baud, who has moved from support to flex for the team, though it is a role he has played previously.

Hqrdest was also seen trialling for LG Loyal after the team removed EISSFELDT from DPS. Despite Hqrdest playing for LG Loyal in the Carbon Series, the trial spot appears now to be occupied by fellow Frenchman Flippy.

The former LDLC lineup disbanded as some players felt the team had reached its peak and opportunities elsewhere would be more fruitful. That LDLC lineup had been competing at the top of the tier two teams in Europe, whereas the Bonjour lineup - which makes up the majority of this new roster - had not been having the same success.

Talking to team captain KabaL, he said that there was “a lot of stuff to learn” for this new French roster, and that this iteration of LDLC is a “long-term” team.

Their initial focus is on the Overwatch PIT Championship, an upcoming $15,000 online tournament featuring the best teams currently residing in Europe. LDLC also have a LAN on the horizon, albeit one which may only see French competition: Gamers Assembly, an offline event in Poitiers, France over the Easter weekend with a €6000 prizepool.

The new LDLC team is:

  • Nicolas "NokSs" Landriscina (DPS)
  • Jeremy "Hqrdest" Danton (DPS)
  • Julien "baud" Robert (Flex)
  • Simon "Chubz" Vullo (Tank)
  • Guillaume "KabaL" Ettori (Support)
  • Richard "PiPou" Buscemi (Support)