LDLC and Bonjour have disbanded their former rosters, with players searching for new homes and opportunities. LDLC players in particular are searching for teams within the comparatively active North American circuit, their eyes set on the Overwatch League despite the lack of information. The remaining two players from LDLC, KabaL and NokSs, are planning to form an all-French roster for the organisation.

LDLC recently competed in the Montpellier Esports Show, a €9,300 French BYOC offline event. They placed 2nd behind GamersOrigin there, though felt they did not perform well due to a last-minute role swap.

“It was more of a last try to see if it would work,” said Meza, formerly of LDLC, “bootcamps sometimes really help teams into developing some good strats and building up the chemistry.” His opinion was that the players within LDLC were all strong, but with the European scene in its current state, many of them would prefer to look for other opportunities.

“I’m sure LDLC is going to do well with whoever they’re going to pick now. KabaL and NokSs are still staying; we all left on our own accord and there’s no bad blood between us or anything like that,” he continued, “it just didn't seem to work out. We lacked something, the chemistry wasn't really there between some players. You know how it is sometimes, you can have 6 great players in a team but they simply can't work that well with each other.”

With how difficult it has been for aspiring top European teams to find solid sponsorships recently, Meza said he had been happy with the organisation. “LDLC is probably one of the best orgs in EU for Overwatch. They gave us a good amount of support and paid very well, so whoever’s going to get picked up is gonna be happy.”


Some of those new LDLC players are likely going to be from the former Bonjour roster, a team that has sat in third place recently within the talented French scene, behind Rogue and GamersOrigin.

After a month and a half with their French organisation, Bonjour left Sydioda at the end of February. The players stuck around for a little while longer before deciding to throw in the towel and search for new homes. LDLC, under the leadership of KabaL, is currently trialling some of their players to create a new Francophone roster for LDLC with NokSs.

Of those no longer on the LDLC roster, Meza is currently trialling for compLexity on tank, while Mete, Anak, and kensi are free agents.

The former LDLC roster was:

  • Guillaume "KabaL" Ettori (remaining on LDLC)
  • Nicolas "NokSs" Landriscina (remaining on LDLC)
  • Artem "Kensi" Budiak
  • Metehan "Mete" Aksüt
  • Mihail Cristian "Mezamorphis" Paunescu
  • Kiryl "Anak" Nikalayenka

The former Bonjour roster was:

  • Jeremy "Hqrdest" Danton
  • Thomas "Asox" Williame
  • Robin "Hayko" Stahmer
  • Simon "Chubz" Vullo
  • Richard "PiPou" Buscemi
  • Julien "baud" Robert
  • Anthony "ythnk" Danly (Coach)