Just over five weeks since Rogue took part in the triple shuffle with Misfits and Luminosity Gaming comes the news that Nicholas "skipjack" Rosada is out of the active Rogue roster. When he signed we were told that he would bone up on his French under the tutelage of team coach Lanf3ust. However, those plans have clearly not borne fruit as the German Tank god inferred on Twitter, suggesting that his team mates would be using the opportunity build a full French speaking lineup.

Rogue have already been spotted in practise with former melty / Bonjour star DPS, Nicolas "NiCOgdh" Moret and an experimental role reshuffle that sees winz back on Lucio and KnOxXx on Reinhardt. NiCO is undoubtedly a genuine talent, but the fact that he excels at a hero pool shared by both aKm and SoOn is a little odd - are Rogue preempting the triple DPS meta?

Although still contracted with the Rogue organisation, skipjack is looking for a new home and has been seen playing with a number of teams including Team Dignitas and a mix with his former team mate Kryw, who has also been warming the bench recently at Luminosity - could we see Graviton Surge 2.0?

So many questions and I'll leave you with another! Did Rogue have to pass on the opportunity to claim their APEX Season 2 slot because they didn't have six players or were Misfits preferred by the organisers? Send in your answers on a postcard.

The active Rogue roster is currently:

  • Dylan "aKm" Bignet (DPS)
  • Michael "winz" Bignet (Flex)
  • Benjamin "uNKOE" Chevasson (Flex Support)
  • Jean-Louis "KnOxXx" Boyer (Support)
  • Terence "SoOn" Tarlier (DPS)
  • Philippe "Lanf3ust" Rivain (Coach)