Element Mystic Element Mystic Contenders KR Rank #4 MCD Lee Jeong-ho (이정호) flex support Roxy Park Si Heon off tank choisehwan Choi Se-Hwan (최세환) dps Just Shin Hyun-sung (신현성) dps MN3 Yoon Jae-hee dps Kellan Kim Min-jae tank Attack Kim Jun-hwa tank AnSoonJae An Soon-jae support Jayhun Han Ji-hun support have changed coaches by parting ways with coach yesman and signed former DPS player Daemin as a new coach.

Yesman coached for Element Mystic since December of last year, as well as taking up his first coaching role in his career after playing support.

Daemin joins the team in his first coaching role, and previously played for Meta Athena last year. He also played with the Shanghai Dragons in the 2018 Overwatch League season.

Element Mystic placed in the top six of Contenders Season 1: Korea, and have gained qualification for Season 2 after Korea changed back to a league-style format.