Dallas Fuel Dallas Fuel OWL Rank #1 Fielder Kwon Joon (권준) flex support Doha Kim Dong-Ha (김동하) dps SP9RK1E Kim Young-han (김영한) dps FEARLESS Lee Eui-seok (이의석) tank ChiYo Han Hyeon-syuk (한현석) support DPS player ZachaREEE has announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch.

ZachaREEE's departure leaves the Fuel with three DPS players: Decay, Doha, and aKm. Neither aKm nor ZachaREEE have made an appearance in game since Week 5 of Stage 4 of the 2019 Overwatch League season.

During his career, ZachaREEE played under a multitude of different banners, which included Renegades, the 2018 USA World Cup team, Fusion University, and most recently the Dallas Fuel. During his tenure with those four teams, he earned six first place finishes. Five of these were with Fusion University, with the only outlier being his run with :SunWithFace: Clap during the 2017 Overwatch Heroes rumble.

In his Twitlonger about his retirement from Overwatch, ZachaREEE has stated that he will be looking to pursue a career in VALORANT. In fact, he is not the first Overwatch League player to leave the league for VALORANT. Many notable former players such as Taimou, Corey, and sinatraa make up the list of former professional Overwatch players to change their focuses from Overwatch to the newly released tactical shooter.

The Fuel currently are 14th in the league standings behind the Spitfire and ahead of their inner state rivals, the Outlaws. With the May Melee concluded, there are currently no scheduled upcoming matches for the team.