The Los Angeles Gladiators Los Angeles Gladiators OWL Rank #10 Shaz Jonas Suovaara flex support SPACE Indy Halpern off tank birdring Kim Ji-hyuk (김지혁) dps MirroR Chris Trịnh dps OGE Son Min-seok (손민석) tank BigGoose Benjamin Isohanni support have added Curryshot to their coaching staff. He is the team's fourth staff member alongside dpei , Faustus , and Tim .

Curryshot's addition comes after his recent announcement of departure from the Guangzhou Charge, which was announced just yesterday. The last time the Gladiators were in the news was when they traded DPS player Decay to the Dallas Fuel for main tank OGE just two days ago.

In the 2019 Overwatch League season, the Gladiators finished the season in the top six, being knocked out of the season playoffs by the eventual league champions, the Shock, in the second round of the lower bracket.

Similarly to his role on the Charge, Curryshot will be a strategic coach for the 2020 Gladiators squad. In accordance with the announcement, Curryshot stated via Twitter that he is "Excited for this opportunity and will work as hard as possible to represent the city of LA as best as I can."