Los Angeles Gladiators Los Angeles Gladiators OWL Rank #14 Shaz Jonas Suovaara flex support SPACE Indy Halpern off tank birdring Kim Ji-hyuk (김지혁) dps MirroR Chris Trịnh dps kevster Kevin Persson dps OGE Son Min-seok (손민석) tank BigGoose Benjamin Isohanni support head coach dpei has officially become a free agent after not re-signing with the Gladiators.

dpei first suggested he would become a free agent in mid-September when he put out a tweet stating he was looking for a new team. At that time, he was still with the Gladiators. One of the Gladiators' assistant coaches, JohnGalt, also made a looking for team tweet around the same time.

The Gladiators went a combined 42-26 record in two seasons with dpei as their head coach, making the playoffs in both seasons. The team went a combined 2-4 in postseason playoff matches and were 0-3 in stage playoff matches. The Gladiators finished in the top six in both seasons.

Prior to joining the Overwatch League, dpei was the head coach of Kungarna for much of 2017. This includes when they qualified for Contenders Season One through Contenders Season Zero.

Currently, the Gladiators are without a head coach. None of the team's assistant coaches have stated they are free agents.