The season has finally come to a close.

All six teams who have automatically qualified for the playoffs have been set and will take a week off as teams compete in the play-in tournament.

The six teams in the play-in tournament have also been set. Despite not playing in the final weekend, the Hunters held onto their spot as the final team to make the play-in tournament.

As the season closes, so do the power rankings. This is the final edition of this year's power rankings.

So what are the team's final placements in Scrub's OWL Power Rankings?

Dragons fan over dunk tank Image credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

1. (-) San Francisco Shock (23-5)

Even when the Titans pushed the San Francisco Shock San Francisco Shock OWL Rank #1 ChoiHyoBin Choi Hyo-Bin (최효빈) off tank Viol2t Park Min-ki flex support Architect Park Min-ho (박민호) dps Rascal Kim Dong-jun (김동준) dps smurf Yoo Myeong-Hwan tank Moth Grant Espe support to the brink of defeat, the Shock held on and maintained their undefeated stage. Their dominance in this stage was powered in large part by the heroics of Rascal and ChoiHyoBin , further establishing just how strong the Shock roster is. Just about any of their starting six players were deserving of an MVP nomination prior to the start of Stage 4, but these two have been making a case that maybe they should have been nominated over their teammates.

2. (-) Vancouver Titans (25-3)

If you weren't certain the Vancouver Titans Vancouver Titans OWL Rank #2 JJANU Choi Hyeon-woo (최현우) off tank Twilight Lee Joo-seok (이주석) flex support Haksal Kim Hyo-jong (김효종) dps Stitch Lee Chung-hee (이충희) dps Bumper Park Sang-beom (박상범) tank SLIME Kim Sung-jun (김성준) support had regained their mojo, their tightly contested match with the Shock should have pushed you to believing. Their match was certainly exciting and did not look like a game between two teams with nothing to play for.

3. (-) Atlanta Reign (16-12)

The Atlanta Reign Atlanta Reign OWL Rank #7 Dogman Dusttin Bowerman flex support frd Nathan Goebel off tank ErsTer Jeong Joon dps BABYBAY Andrej Francisty dps Edison Kim Tae-hoon (김태훈) dps SharP Hugo Sahlberg dps Pokpo Park Hyun-Jun (박현준) tank Masaa Petja Kantanen support rolled all of Stage 4. While they didn't play a particularly tough schedule this stage, there is something to be said of a team that never lost more than one map in a match. The only other time that has happened this season is when the Titans and Shock both did it in Stage 2 (the Shock didn't lose a single map that stage).

4. (-) Guangzhou Charge (15-13)

The Guangzhou Charge Guangzhou Charge OWL Rank #4 Shu Kim Jin-seo flex support Cr0ng Nam Ki-cheol (남기철) off tank wya Qi Haomiao (齐浩淼) flex support nero Charlie Zwarg dps Happy Lee Jung-woo (이정우) dps Rio Oh Seung-pyo (오승표) tank Chara Kim Jung-yeon (김정연) support neptuNo Alberto González support 's late season surge is rewarded with a favorable opening play-in matchup: the Chengdu Hunters. As long as they don't take them too lightly, the match should be very winnable for them. Should they win, they'll play a Seoul Dynasty team they just defeated in Stage 4.

5. (-) Washington Justice (8-20)

This is a final farewell to this year's Washington Justice Washington Justice OWL Rank #13 ELLIVOTE Elliot Vaneryd off tank AimGod Min-seok Kwon flex support Stratus Ethan Yankel dps Corey Corey Nigra dps TTuba Lee Ho-sung (이호성) dps LullSiSH Lukas Wiklund tank rOar Gye Chang-hoon tank ArK Hong Yeon-joon support roster. Thanks to their Stage 4 heroics, they moved up to a tie for 17th in the final standings. They will be exciting to watch if they can carry their momentum into next season.

6. (-) Hangzhou Spark (18-10)

At the start of Stage 4, it was the Hangzhou Spark Hangzhou Spark OWL Rank #3 Ria Park Seong-wook (박성욱) off tank BeBe Yoon Hui-Chang (윤희창) flex support Adora Kang Jae-Hwan (강재환) dps GodsB Kim Kyeon-Bo (김경보) dps guxue Xu Qiulin (徐秋林) tank iDK Park Ho-jin (박호진) support who looked uncharacteristically weak. By the end of Stage 4, it was the Spark's final opponents--the Shanghai Dragons--who looked uncharacteristically weak. The Spark's improvement saved their place in the top six while avoiding a date with the Shock in the first round of the playoffs.

7. (-) Los Angeles Gladiators (17-11)

In large part thanks to Surefour , the Los Angeles Gladiators Los Angeles Gladiators OWL Rank #6 Shaz Jonas Suovaara flex support Void Kang Jun-woo (강준우) off tank SPACE Indy Halpern off tank Bischu Aaron Kim off tank birdring Kim Ji-hyuk (김지혁) dps MirroR Chris Trịnh dps OGE Son Min-seok (손민석) tank BigGoose Benjamin Isohanni support sealed away the Valiant and kept their place in the top five of the standings. Their great play that match will need follow-up in the playoffs if they hope to overcome the Spark.

8. (+3) New York Excelsior (22-6)

The New York Excelsior New York Excelsior OWL Rank #5 JJoNak Bang Sung-hyeon (방성현) flex support HOTBA Choi Hong-joon off tank Libero Kim Hye-sung (김혜성) dps Nenne Jeong Yeon-kwan dps Mano Kim Dong-gyu (김동규) tank ANAMO Jeong Tae-seong (정태성) support is noticeably better swapping Fl0w3R into the lineup like they did this weekend. Their efforts were enough to take the Titans to map five, which is no laughing matter. I still wouldn't let my confidence in them get too high, but at least they're looking a little bit better now.

9. (-) London Spitfire (16-12)

The London Spitfire London Spitfire OWL Rank #14 BERNAR Shin Se-won (신세원) off tank Fuze Kim Tae-hoon (김태훈) support fell out of the top six for the first time since they entered it when they finished 6-1 in Stage 2. Unfortunately, they could do nothing about it as they watched the Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend from home.

10. (-) Seoul Dynasty (15-13)

A week off from their loss to the Fusion should help the Seoul Dynasty Seoul Dynasty OWL Rank #9 ryujehong Ryu Je-hong (류제홍) flex support Michelle Choi Min-hyuk off tank creative Kim Young-wan (김영완) flex support FITS Kim Dong-eon (김동언) dps ILLICIT Park Jae-min (박제민) dps Profit Park Joon-yeong (박준영) dps Marve1 Hwang Min-seo (황민서) tank Gesture Hong Jae-hee (홍재희) tank tobi Yang Jin-mo (양진모) support rebound when they enter the play-in tournament--at least that's what Dynasty fans hope.

11. (-3) Los Angeles Valiant (12-16)

While the Los Angeles Valiant Los Angeles Valiant OWL Rank #8 McGravy Caleb McGarvey off tank Slur Owen Warner flex support Lastro Moon Jung-won (문정원) flex support KSF Kyle Frandanisa dps Apply Damon Conti dps Dreamer Song Sang-lok tank Custa Scott Kennedy support won't finish the season ahead of the Hunters in the final standings, they can at least end in front of the Hunters in these rankings. That won't get them into the postseason, but at least it's something. KSF deserves quite a bit of credit for showing fight and trying to carry the team in their time of need. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't enough.

12. (-) Chengdu Hunters (13-15)

The Chengdu Hunters Chengdu Hunters OWL Rank #10 Kyo Kong Chunting (孔春亭) flex support Elsa Luo Wenjie (罗文杰) off tank Jinmu Yi Hu (易虎) dps YangXiaoLong Zhang Zhihao (章智浩) dps Ameng Ding Menghan (丁蒙涵) tank Yveltal Li Xianyao (李先曜) support have the Gladiators and the Shock to thank for their spot in the play-in tournament. Now they need to make the most of it and upset some teams to get into the playoffs.

13. (-) Florida Mayhem (6-22)

The Florida Mayhem Florida Mayhem OWL Rank #16 Gargoyle Lee Beom-jun (이범준) off tank GangNamJin Gang Nam-jin (강남진) flex support Sayaplayer Ha Jeong-woo (하정우) dps BQB Lee Sang-bum (이상범) dps Yaki Kim Jun-gi (김준기) dps Fate Koo Pan-seung (구판승) tank Kris Choi Jun-soo (최준수) support would have qualified for their first ever stage playoffs had there been stage playoffs at the end of Stage 4. Unfortunately, that did not happen and thus the era of stage playoffs will end without the Mayhem ever making one.

14. (-) Philadelphia Fusion (15-13)

The first opponent for the Philadelphia Fusion Philadelphia Fusion OWL Rank #12 Boombox Isaac Charles flex support Poko Gael Gouzerch off tank Fury Kim Jun-ho (김준호) off tank Alarm Kim Kyeong-bo (김경보) flex support Carpe Lee Jae-hyeok (이재혁) dps Ivy Lee Seung-Hyun dps EQO Josh Corona dps SADO Kim Su-Min (뜨용) tank FunnyAstro Daniel Hathaway support in the play-in tournament will be a floundering Shanghai Dragons squad. Such a matchup may help them surpass expectations in the play-ins.

15. (-) Paris Eternal (11-17)

Despite looking unimpressive throughout the season, the Paris Eternal Paris Eternal OWL Rank #15 Greyy Luís Perestrelo flex support SoOn Terence Tarlier dps Xzi Jung Ki-hyo dps Kruise Harrison Pond support were surprisingly consistent. They finished 3-4 in three different stages, which the Hunters also did en route to qualifying for the play-in tournaments. The difference is in the one outlier stage: the Eternal finished 2-5 in Stage 2 while the Hunters finished 4-3 in Stage 4.

16. (-) Shanghai Dragons (13-15)

The Shanghai Dragons Shanghai Dragons OWL Rank #11 Luffy Yang Seong-hyeon (양성현) flex support envy Lee Kang-jae (이강재) off tank Fleta Kim Byung-sun (김병선) dps DDing Yang Jin-hyeok (양진혁) flex need an enormous rebound after finishing 1-6 in Stage 4. I'd like to say they are better off when they put diem into the lineup, but that is clearly not making any difference as they continue to lose regardless of who plays alongside DDing . While I would say they should maybe experiment with playing YoungJIN and diem as their DPS combo, I'm not sure either can play Mei. Their best bet is to hope the play-in tournament's patch changes the meta enough that their DPS are on heroes they're more comfortable with.

17. (-) Houston Outlaws (9-19)

The Houston Outlaws Houston Outlaws OWL Rank #17 Rawkus Shane Flaherty flex support SPREE Alexandre Vanhomwegen off tank MekO Kim Tae Hong off tank rapel Kim Jun-geun (김준근) flex support Jake Jacob Lyon dps Danteh Dante Cruz dps Hydration João Pedro Goes Telles dps Muma Austin Wilmot tank Boink Daniel Pence support ' offseason is the toughest to predict in all of the Overwatch League. Who knows what plans the new ownership has for the team!

18. (-) Toronto Defiant (8-20)

At least the Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #20 KariV Park Young-seo (박영서) flex support Nevix Andreas Karlsson off tank Logix Andreas Berghmans dps Mangachu Liam Campbell dps Agilities Brady Girardi dps Surefour Lane Roberts dps Beast Adam Denton tank Kellex Kristian Keller support got a win in their final stage. Doing so allowed them to avoid a 14 match losing streak to end the season.

19. (-) Dallas Fuel (10-18)

The Dallas Fuel Dallas Fuel OWL Rank #18 uNKOE Benjamin Chevasson flex support NotE Lucas Meissner off tank aKm Dylan Bignet dps ZachaREEE Zachary Lombardo dps Decay Jang Gui-un (장귀운) dps Doha Kim Dong-Ha (김동하) dps Gamsu Noh Yeong-jin (노영진) tank Closer Jung Won-sik (정원식) support , on the other hand, did not get a win in the final stage. Their season ended on a 12 match losing streak.

20. (-) Boston Uprising (8-20)

I enjoyed seeing blasé play Reinhardt. More seriously, I really like what I've seen out of Colourhex 's Widowmaker. If there are positives to the Boston Uprising Boston Uprising OWL Rank #19 Myunbong Seo Sang-min (서상민) flex support Colourhex Kelsey Birse dps Jerry Min Tae-Hui (민태희) dps Munchkin Byeon Sang-beom (변상범) dps Fusions Cameron Bosworth tank Swimmer Gabriel Levy support 's final stage, it's that Colourhex began to shine a bit as a formidable sniper player.