kolero , support player for based tryhards based tryhards Inactive Lubbock Andre Carravieri dps neil Mateus Kröber tank wings Tiago Righi support , has announced his retirement from Overwatch.

He wrote a Twitlonger about his decision to retire:

Good night,

I want to announce my retirement from professional Overwatch.

As everyone knows, I'm in university and soon I'll have to do my internship to graduate and despite the weight of it, this wasn't my main reason for retirement. My discouragement with Overwatch and the neglect with which Blizzard has treated our region for a long time was the one thing that weighed most in my decision without a doubt.

I wanted to thank all the people I played along the way, especially my brothers from based tryhards. I wish a lot of success and enthusiasm for all the players and players involved in the South American scene, because these are warriors who are looking for a dream.

I would also like to thank everyone who has accompanied me to this day. You gave me the strength and motivation to play even when I was not up for it, seeing you fans made me want to get in all the games and give my best.

I look back and see that I have had a blessed trajectory, with more joys than frustrations, and so I leave with my head held high and with the feeling of accomplishment!

A big hug,


Translation by feco linhares.

kolero's name first started to gain international recognition when he dominated South America alongside the 2017 Brasil Gaming House roster.

He left BGH as the team's roster began to make itself available to sponsors for a move to North America. He would spent the latter half of 2017 and the first half of 2018 moving between rosters.

kolero rejoined Brasil Gaming House before Contenders Season 2 and went on to go undefeated en route to a title with the team. He remained with his teammates as they left BGH and became based tryhards. Although the roster made it back to the grand final in Contenders Season 3, they lost in a 4-2 series to LFTOWL.

The backdrop of kolero's decision to retire is one in which South American Overwatch players have had few opportunities. South America was the only region not to have a Contenders LAN final once throughout 2018 and the region's prize pool was only matched by Contenders Australia as the lowest. Only one player from Contenders South America has made it to the Overwatch League and only one other has been picked up by a team outside of South America.

based tryhards will now need a new support player to replace kolero.

based tryhards based tryhards Inactive Lubbock Andre Carravieri dps neil Mateus Kröber tank wings Tiago Righi support are:

  • Felipe "liko" Lebrao (DPS)
  • Eduardo "dudu" Macedo (DPS)
  • Andre "Lubbock" Carravieri (DPS)
  • João "sesh" Nogueira (DPS)
  • Maurício "honorato" Honorato (Off Tank)
  • Mateus "neil" Kröber (Tank)
  • Tiago "wings" Righi (Support)
  • Jhonathan "TMATTEI" Mattei (Coach)