Florida Mayhem assistant coach yeHHH has been announced as the Head of Player Scouting and Development for Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Contenders NA Rank #5 Manneten Tim Byhlund off tank Epzz Andreas Wallvingskog flex support Shax Johannes Nielsen dps Mangachu Liam Campbell dps Wub Cameron Johnson dps FCTFCTN Russell Campbell tank Paintbrush Nolan Edwards support , the academy team of the Florida Mayhem.

yeHHH was first officially revealed as a member of the Mayhem in April as a part of Mayhem's Ascend YouTube series. He joined the organization as an analyst after previously coaching NRG Esports, the academy team of the San Francisco Shock.

His new role will be less about coaching and instead will be within the realm of management. According to a tweet from yeHHH, his new role will allow him to work with both the Florida Mayhem and Mayhem Academy.

Mayhem Academy has yet to announce a new flex support to replace HaGoPeun since he was promoted to the Florida Mayhem roster. The squad currently has a player for every other role.

Mayhem Academy begins play in Contenders Season 3 North America later this month. The Florida Mayhem will look forward to the next season of the Overwatch League, which begins February 14.