The group draw for Contenders China Season 3 has been announced on Weibo for November 9 at 8 p.m. CST. The draw will determine which of two groups teams play in for the group stage.

One group will be bookmarked by LGD Gaming LGD Gaming Contenders CN Rank #2 Rookie Wang Jundong (王俊东) off tank Kaneki Liu Nian (刘念) dps wanli Xue Wanli (邹万里) dps tanqiu Qiu Tianyi (邱天毅) tank Secret Zhao Xu (赵旭) support hoyoqian Wu Gengtuo (吴梗拓) support while the other will include Laboratory Laboratory China Rank #0 YOUNAI Yang Junyi (杨君毅) off tank Xushu Liu Junjie (刘俊杰) dps . Laboratory bought the spot previously held by Lucky Future Zenith Lucky Future Zenith Inactive YARG Kim Gwan-woo dps Lucid Yoo Jun-seo (유준서) support , who have disbanded after much of the team has already been signed to Overwatch League rosters.

LGD and Laboratory will be separated after holding the spots of the grand finalists of Contenders China Season 2. The 10 other teams competing in Contenders China Season 3 will enter a random draw to split them into the region's two groups.

The teams entering the draw are LGE.Huya LGE.Huya Contenders CN Rank #4 Piggy Shin Min-jun off tank Kami Tang Yitao (唐毅滔) dps Haker Zhong Haotian (钟昊天) dps JeungMac Choi Dae-han (최대한) tank ATing Chen Shao-Hua tank Molly He Chengzhi (何诚智) support Lengsa Chen Jingyi (陈婧逸) support , T1w T1w Contenders CN Rank #1 Highbee Zhang Zening (张泽宁) off tank MoLanran Liao Yang (廖洋) dps Mijia Tan Xujie (谭栩杰) dps Silver3 Han Haibo (韩海波) tank wya Qi Haomiao (齐浩淼) support illusion Tan Li (谭力) support , Flag Gaming Flag Gaming Contenders CN Rank #3 Lie Huang Haoxuan (黄皓轩) off tank yaoxie Zhang Jihang (张继航) off tank evillx Zhao Hanbin (赵瀚滨) dps mAsk He Zhongming (何钟铭) dps ShowCheng Cheng Yu (程宇) dps MelonZ Tian Baoyu (田宝钰) tank farway Cao Jiale (曹家乐) support P1LY024 Zhou Xiang (周翔) support Fengm1an Fan Qi (樊奇) support , Triple Six Legend Triple Six Legend Contenders CN Rank #11 UMBRA Feng He (冯贺) off tank RunCheng Feng Bin (冯滨) dps Raphael Kim Han-Byeol dps DPS Choi Yong-Joo (최용주) tank SOBER Zhan Xiaozhuang (詹晓庄) support Shush Wang Jiafu (王家福) support , Ambitious Immortals Ambitious Immortals Inactive Mijia Tan Xujie (谭栩杰) dps Lijiang dps wenxuyan tank tudousi support New support , Lucky Future Lucky Future Contenders CN Rank #7 Since Chang Pu (常晋) flex support RosesOvO Ma Jianan (马佳楠) off tank mz Li Xinmiao (李鑫淼) dps Melo Wei Wentao (韦文涛) dps 10Oo Gong Zhengyu (龚正裕) tank Recall Zhang Jingkun (张靖坤) support , Team CC Team CC Contenders CN Rank #5 ManGoJai Kin-Long Wong flex support vKei Ju SeungJun off tank ieatuup Jason Ho dps SonGBoos Choi Sung-hwan (최성환) dps jwj Jiang Wenjie (江文杰) dps GagA Qiu Jiaxin (仇佳鑫) tank FALLEN Huang Yulong (黄禹龙) tank SIO Chen Zhaoyu (陈昭宇) support , Future Group Future Group China Rank #0 dfbkjl Kim Sang-woo (김상우) off tank VENDETTA Lee Jiseok dps Duzi Kim Chang-Jae (김창재) tank MEE6 Park Jeong-soo (박정수) support , Hero Taciturn Panther Hero Taciturn Panther Inactive EFFORT Tang Zhehao (唐哲昊) dps RICK Tong Yanzhi (童彦智) dps Rookie Wang Jundong (王俊东) tank tanqiu Qiu Tianyi (邱天毅) tank WaiMai Gong Zixi (龚子熙) support 117 Huang Ziyang (黄子洋) support and Big Time Regal Gaming Big Time Regal Gaming Contenders CN Rank #6 Arong Song Hyun-jung flex support LiGe Jia Chengjie (贾城杰) off tank hanhan Zhou Yi (周易) off tank Cloud Huik Tak dps Skyshow Wan Wenjun (万文均) dps Wonz Won Jiseop tank YangYang Zou Mingyang (邹明洋) tank WinWinQ Wang Wenjin (汪文锦) support . The draw will be broadcast on various Chinese streaming sites including Panda TV and Zhanqi TV.

Contenders Season 3 is scheduled to begin later in November. Exact dates for the first matches have yet to be announced.