Kongdoo Panthera Kongdoo Panthera Inactive Clelstyn Cho Gun-hee off tank Agatha Lee Jung-soo flex support choisehwan Choi Se-Hwan (최세환) dps Selly An Jeong-hwan dps True Choi Yun-soo tank Costos Lim Min-taek (임민택) support has announced the acquisition of NoMi as the team's new coach. This comes following the departure of BlueHaS to the Shanghai Dragons.

NoMi began his career in 2016 as a support player for EHOME. He would later become a coach of Runaway, leaving the team in June of 2017.

The previous coach for Kongdoo Panthera, BlueHaS, recently left the team to join the Shanghai Dragons. He was the only coach for the team at the time. As a result, NoMi will now be the team's sole coach.

The organization is guaranteed a place in Contenders Season 3 after a top two finish in Season 2. The dates for the next Contenders season have yet to be announced.