Mickie of the Dallas Fuel Dallas Fuel OWL Rank #15 NotE Lucas Meissner off tank Crimzo William Hernandez flex support Decay Jang Gui-un (장귀운) dps Doha Kim Dong-Ha (김동하) dps Gamsu Noh Yeong-jin (노영진) tank Closer Jung Won-sik (정원식) support has been given the first ever Dennis Hawelka Award at halftime of the Overwatch League All-Star Game. The award is given to a player deemed to have a positive impact on the community.

Mickie was recruited by INTERNETHULK, the namesake of the Dennis Hawelka Award, to join Team EnVyUs during APEX Season 1 following the departure of Talespin from the team. With the help of Mickie, the team went on to win APEX, becoming the only western team in Overwatch's history to win a major tournament in Korea.

When Team Envy joined the Overwatch League and became the Dallas Fuel, Mickie remained with the team, continuing to play off-tank. He is known for his positive attitude, even when his team is down.

The creation of the Dennis Hawelka Award was announced prior to the beginning of the season shortly following the death of Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka. A short video to honor the memory of Hawelka was shown before the award winner was announced.