According to Skyfoxes Skyfoxes Contenders NA Rank #11 claris Lee Gun-ho (이건호) dps NoName Lee Won-jae dps Duzi Kim Chang-Jae (김창재) tank owner Justin Patry, Jaru, Guru, and Boostio are no longer with the team. The remaining players on the roster are currently in the trial phase with the team as it seeks to rebuild before the next season of Trials.

Jaru has left in pursuit of another project while searching for an Overwatch League roster. He has announced on Twitter he is looking to join an Overwatch League team.

Guru has stepped away from Skyfoxes to play for Maryville University's esports program. He joined the university's team back in June.

Boostio has joined the new GOATs roster formed ahead of Open Division Season 3. The core of GOATs qualified for Trials following the previous two seasons of Open Division, but the team has failed to make it to Contenders.

The team has not set its roster for the next season of Contenders Trials. The final roster will be reported when it becomes more concrete.