With an hour left before the first of possibly two matches on the last day of the Overwatch League stadium, the lower levels of the Barclays Center were already near capacity. It was destined to a day that rivaled the electricity of the previous.

With Watchpoint guests like Nate Nanzer and Rawkus, the light shows began early. As the crowd cheered for the league commissioner, their bracelets flashed white lights in a spectacle that looked as excited as the crowd.

Whether or not they would be flashing blue or orange at the end of the day was to be decided on stage.

Map 1: Junkertown

Barclays turned green as the screen on stage transitioned to Junkertown. The Fusion took to the attack first and started with a Pirate Ship composition featuring Boombox on Bastion. The Spitfire defended with a double sniper/triple tank composition.

After a couple of minutes, the Fusion were able to break through the Spitfire defense and make it to Junkertown's streets phase. A Poko bomb started the Streets engagement, earning the French D.Va a pick and forcing the Spitfire off low ground, but a Fury Self-Destruct with the help of a Gesture halt stopped the Fusion in their tracks by getting two.

EQO responded in the next fight, picking off several to begin the battle to get the Fusion through the second checkpoint and onto last. After getting stopped for a few fights on last, the Fusion switched to a Dive composition, but the Spitfire would be ready. Profit would send a Dragonstrike through the hallway the enemy team was setting up in, killing a player at a time to the chorus of an ever-louder cheering crowd. It was shown later that the ultimate was setup by a perfectly-placed Gesture Halt.

As the arena lights lit up orange for overtime, the Fusion failed to find momentum. After nearly making it around the bend at Junkertown last, they were halted short of three capture points.


The Spitfire elected to run Bdosin on Roadhog rather than Bastion for their attack, leading to them facing off against a Fusion defense with a mirror composition. Bdosin and Gesture attacked with perfect synchronization, rarely failing to connect on Halt/Hook combinations. The Spitfire captured the first point with relative ease.

While it looked like the Spitfire would roll on through the Streets phase with ease, Poko decided otherwise. A huge Self-Destruct netted him three kills and earned cheers from the entire crowd, including members of the media.

His efforts stopped the Spitfire for a fight, but no longer. The Spitfire made it through the second point and carried their momentum into the last point. With plenty of time on the clock, the Spitfire surpassed the Fusion's capture distance and took the first map.

The London Spitfire were only two maps away from bringing it home.

Map 2: Lijiang Tower

Both teams kept the same lineup for Lijiang Tower and engaged each other on Night Market. The Spitfire took quick control of space and captured the point before the first kill of the map even took place. The Fusion were looking like they could take the point back at around 40% of the Spitfire's capture time, but the Spitfire closed the door with the help of several well-utilized ultimates. The Fusion forced overtime on the final fight but couldn't keep it going, losing the round 100%-0% without losing a player on Night Market's last fight.


Gardens was the next phase of the map. Both teams ran Pharah/Widow dive compositions and Birdring quickly asserted his Widowmaker dominance. Once again, the Spitfire had the point first.

The Spitfire was sure to give Carpe no space to respond and constantly put pressure upon him. That was until right before the round looked like it was ending, when Carpe finally got the angles he needed to respond to Birdring.

That would not last, shortly after the Fusion's first team fight win of Lijiang, Profit placed a Pulse Bomb on Carpe. With little contesting him, Birdring was free to land headshots on the enemy team.

The Spitfire retook the point and won the round. They were now one map a win from being Overwatch League champions.

Map 3: King's Row

Match point was set to begin on King's Row with a Fusion attack and a Spitfire defense. No lineup changes were made by either side and both flex supports played Roadhog.

The Fusion looked like they could get a breakthrough with a Boombox Hook on Bdosin, but Fury protected his Roadhog with a Defense Matrix. A Profit Riptire delayed the Fusion for a bit, but they would soon be bullying their way onto the point.

The team in orange finally began getting kills and taking the point, much to the joy of the Philly faithful. The crowd was still in it and the Fusion weren't out of it yet.

While Boombox remained on Roadhog in Streets, Bdosin switched off to Zenyatta. After stalling for a couple of minutes, Boombox also switched over to Zenyatta, putting both teams back to double support.

Little ground could be made for the Fusion, and with less than a minute left on the round they were still only about halfway through Streets. As time ticked down and approached overtime, SADO took out both supports from the Spitfire with the help of his Primal Rage. The orange overtime lights of the arena wouldn't remain orange for long, and the Fusion would capture the second point.

Still, the Fusion were left without much time to finish the map. Once again the orange lights of overtime lit up the arena and the Fusion found their footing again. A murmur in the arena began increasing in volume as SADO isolated Profit and the rest of his team took out the Spitfire's remaining players.

The Fusion finished their first map of the day and the crowd roared.

Despite the game and caster volume, a chant in support of the Fusion was audible throughout the arena as the two teams transitioned between attack and defense. Almost as if Carpe was feeding off the crowd's energy, he woke up. Each push the Spitfire made was halted after a few headshots from Carpe and with each push the arena's electricity picked up.

With about a mninute and a half left, the Spitfire turned to a 3-3 GOATs composition. They caught the Fusion by surprised and finally captured the point.

The Fusion swapped to their own counter composition on the streets phase; SADO went Reinhardt, Poko went Zarya and Carpe went Doomfist. The counter-composition worked well, and the crowd jumped up and down with each Rocket Punch one shot.

The counter-composition didn't hold for long, however, as the Spitfire used their banked ultimates. They pushed toward the second point and although the Fusion engaged them again before the point, they would not have their momentum halted.

As the map moved, the Spitfire constantly switched their composition to counter the Fusion's. Their opponent could not respond quick enough and fell apart. The Spitfire had 1:10 to capture one tick of King's Row to win the Overwatch League title.

King's Row

The Spitfire attacked with a GOATs composition again, hoping to rush down the Fusion defenders. The strategy worked.

They began the fight with a pick on SADO, and the Fusion quickly fell apart. The rest of their work was clean up and they got the tick they needed. The Spitfire were the inaugural champions of the Overwatch League.