Meta Gaming have announced former BlossoM DPS player Happy and former Simplicity support player WonJaeLee have joined Meta Bellum Meta Bellum Inactive .

The additions come after the conclusion of Contenders Season 1 Korea, where Meta Bellum placed in the top four of the standings.

Happy (formerly known as Vesta) was previously on BlossoM, but was removed from the team in January after he was investigated for boosting. Meta Gaming issued a statement about the signing expressing their belief that he has already served a punishment for boosting activities that lasted about three days.

WonJaeLee joins Meta Bellum after playing for Simplicity in Contenders Season 1 North America, where the team finished in the bottom four of the standings.

Meta Bellum are currently 1-1 in Contenders Season 2 Korea. Their next match is against BlossoM.

Meta Bellum Meta Bellum Inactive 's roster is:

  • Jang "CCJ" Min-ki (DPS)
  • Lee "Happy" Jung-woo (DPS)
  • Oh "Rio" Seung-pyo (Tank)
  • Choi "Hoon" Jae-hoon (Flex)
  • Lee "Na1st" Ho-sung (Flex)
  • Lee "envy" Kang-jae (Flex)
  • Kim "Chara" Jung-yeon (Support)
  • Lee "WonJaeLee" Won-jae (Support)
  • Lee "Apache" Min-hyeok (Support)
  • Cho "JIN" Hyo-Jin (Coach)
  • AVALLA (Coach)
  • Jung "Tydolla" Seung-min (Coach)