The Copenhagen Flames Copenhagen Flames Inactive have announced the release of French support player MarineLorD from their roster. He is the fourth player to leave the team since the end of Contenders Season 1.

MarineLorD follows the paths of PoPiFresH, Hayko and dridro, all of who have split with the Flames. While the other three left the team in May, _MarineLorD's release comes with just a little more than a week before the start of Contenders Season 2, giving him little time to find a new team and the team little time to find a new replacement.

It is believed DANYE and Midnight have joined the team after their names were listed on the Flames' roster list on the Contenders website. Their roster has since been hidden, making them the only team in Contenders Europe without a listed roster.

Their first match of Contenders Season 2 is July 3 against CIS Hope.