The BEAT Invitational will be returning for a fourth season from May 28 to the 29th, with eight North American teams competing for a $6,600 USD prize pool.

The two-day tournament will feature EnVision eSports EnVision eSports Inactive Jaru Jason White dps buds Casey McIlwaine dps iShiny Bryan McCarthy tank McGravy Caleb McGarvey flex Fire Anthony King support Crimzo William Hernandez support , NRG Esports NRG Esports Contenders NA Rank #3 Poise Park Jong-hyeok (박종혁) dps Rascal Kim Dong-jun (김동준) dps Swon Yoon Seong-won (윤성원) tank Smex Eoghan O'Neill flex robdab Robert Garcia support Fahzix Riley Taylor support , Simplicity Simplicity Inactive zombs Jared Gitlin flex Gingerpop Brice Breakey support WonJaeLee Lee Won-jae support , Grizzlys Esports Grizzlys Esports North America Rank #0 Sypeh Sypeh Klein dps evokje Elvinas Padegimas support , Last Night's Leftovers Last Night's Leftovers Contenders NA Rank #5 NLaaeR Ilya Koppalov dps Sugarfree Kamden Hijada dps sit Corey Scoda dps Decod Jørgen Myrlund tank NexX Dominik Scheerer flex Ajax Alex Jackson support Dogman Dusttin Bowerman support , Bye Week Bye Week Contenders NA Rank #11 Minish David Modisette dps lefaa Patrik Mike dps Chayne Shayne La Rocque tank Waifu Zac Matson flex Pizzademon Brent Lanoix support Jkw Joey Wavering support and No Clout No Clout Inactive Pugz dps Rigs dps hobbs Austin Hobbs dps VitaCoco Nicholas McCormick tank Hypnott Conor O'Rourke tank Hawk Xander Domecq flex Dino Hunter Traupe support Insomniaq Jason Knittle support . The eighth team and the schedule has yet to be announced.

The champions of BEAT's last season, Fusion University, will not be returning to defend their title. However, runner-ups EnVision and bronze medalists No Clout will be seeking to emerge victorious in their second attempts at a BEAT championship.

Six of the seven announced teams participated in Contenders North America, and at least four of the teams will compete in Contenders Trials Season 2 in an attempt to return to Contenders. No Clout qualified for the Open Division North America Season 2 playoffs and will need to secure themselves a top four finish to make it into Trials.

The tournament champions will take home $3,000 USD, the runner-ups will win $1,800 USD, and the third and fourth place teams will win $1,200 USD and $600 USD respectively.

The tournament will be casted by ZP and Jason Kaplan. dashner will once again take the helms of BEAT's production, with the broadcast available on BEAT's Twitch channel.

It has been confirmed that undefeated Open Division team GOATS has been added as the tournament's 8th team.