Cynic, Moop3y and Mohr have announced their departures from Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Inactive . Cynic was the team's assistant coach, while Moop3y and Mohr were the team's main tank and support, respectively.

Cynic joined Mayhem Academy midseason, becoming a coach after previously playing for Toronto Esports in 2017.

Moop3y played in Open Division with Midnight Marauders before joining Mayhem Academy. He is now a free agent looking for a new team.

Mohr made his Contenders debut with Mayhem Academy, previously playing for Magnolia and OWLMP. He played every map for Mayhem Academy.

While Mayhem Academy qualified for playoffs, they were the only North American academy team to finish the group stage with a losing record. Fusion University made quick work of Mayhem Academy in the quarterfinals, sweeping them in three maps.

Despite that, Mayhem Academy has a guaranteed spot in the next season of Contenders after qualifying for playoffs. The dates for the next season of Contenders have yet to be announced.

The Mayhem Academy Mayhem Academy Inactive roster is: