No Clout, who finished just a few maps short of qualifying for Contenders 2018 Season 1 North America from Contenders Trials have announced their new roster.

Returning to the team from last season's Trials squad is Hawk, Insomniaq and Dogman, although Insomniaq and Dogman return to the team after spending this past Contenders season with That's a Disband and Bye Week respectively.

Giving up their clout for the first time are VitaCoco, Dino and Pugz. VitaCoco and Dino each competed in the previous season of Contenders Trials as rivals to the No Clout squad. VitaCoco represented Kungarna while Dino played for Fractal Esports. Pugz has yet to compete with teams of Trials caliber or above.

No Clout has also added a hitscan DPS in the time since they tweeted their original roster announcement. PŬŊĨŜĤȄȐ, also known as Rigs, will be fulfilling the role for the squad.

The team will return to the Open Division in hopes of once again appearing in Contenders Trials. From there the team will hope to qualify for the second Overwatch Contenders season of 2018.

The roster of No Clout is:

  • "Pugz" (DPS)
  • "PŬŊĨŜĤȄȐ/Rigs" (DPS)
  • "Hawk" (Flex)
  • Nicholas "VitaCoco" McCormick (Tank)
  • Dusttin "Dogman" Bowerman (Support)
  • "Dino" (Support)
  • Jason "Insomniaq" Knittle (Support)
  • "Guppy" (Manager/Analyst)