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posted about 5 years ago

do open division playoff players get profile?

posted about 5 years ago

rigs is from israel ay

posted about 5 years ago

south korea





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posted about 5 years ago

genji needs double dash and 100% more dmg

posted about 5 years ago

bro r u stupid..? tbd is not a team,, hahh retardo?? lul

posted about 5 years ago

exactly, most players who get cut are still under contract and have to put the orgs stuff on stream twitter etc. he probably finished his contract.

posted about 5 years ago

i think space is wasted since hes one of the best divas on the league, just that envy is better. i think sf should sign dafran and sell danteh to some team, get space, nevix to sub since he plays all roles. and then u have one of the best rosters on the league when sinatraa joins.

sinatraa dafran/babybay for more hero pool, space nomy, dhak sleepy.

posted about 5 years ago

So this is what has become. A wasteland of shitposting. A desert of IQ. I do not come here every day for this. There used to be meaningful content and interesting discussions. But now this? What's next? DLC nerd stars? Premium subscription? Upfrag lootboxes? This is not what I came here for. I came here to share my love of Overwatch esports and analysis of the beautiful matches we are being delivered every day. I came here to compare my point of view to other people's ones. I came here for the match ticker, the results, the PogChamps and the F5 spam. Not for this. Please grow up as a community, You're making a long time fan sad.


posted about 5 years ago

hes been NUTTY and they kick him again lmao what

posted about 5 years ago

that's his style of genji though, very inconsitent but he takes the risks, when it turns out to be good, his mentality gets better and he goes ham after that. when he takes a risk and dies, he re-thinks and dies again. Unlike shadowburn, shadowburn barely dies and is very consistent. But I don't really see shadowburn do what agilities does when he's on fire.

posted about 5 years ago

right after i make this post agilities goes ham on lunar colony. We see potential on what agilities can do if he gets to play genji instead of silkthread, yeah he doesn't have flexibility but what I am saying is that valiant anyways play silk on the genji so what's the point?

posted about 5 years ago

Agilities is like 10x better than silkthread on Genji. Silkthread was most of his career a tracer one trick pony, sure he has more hero pool but anyways they only play him when they play Dive comp when he plays genji. Funy thing is that agilities only played (im pretty sure) when they didn't play dive, and agilities only played Roadhog. only seen him play genji like once and he instantly switched.

posted about 5 years ago

who beats who in these two lineups:
Agilities soon sinatraa dafran jake linkzr
agilities soon best attacking dive genji tracer duo, soon is pretty annoying passive and agilities is like always the front type of genji whos very inconsistent but could go ham.
sinfran, dafran is like soon imo just on soldier, sort of the annoying soldier type who just gets pocketed by mercy and shoots people from high ground, sinatraa is the front type of tracer.
jake linkzr, linkzr seemed to be on the same league with fleta and pine on the widowmaker and mccree, jake for some reason is a big threat for the koreans, ryujehong said that he hated playing against him the most, something about his playstyle.

tank: muma coolmatt and kafeee, some people would say pokos diva, better and xqcs winston is better than mumas but i think their synergy is the best and they approved it. the only problem is that coolmatt is sort of a diva one trick and cannot play zarya on the best level so i thought of KAFEEE, i know its a very odd pick but this guys zarya is the second best and his hog is on a tier1 level, theres only two zaryas that has more than 50% average energy after 100hours+ and thats zunba and KAFEEE. this guy got to 4939 pretty much playing hog and zarya only, i think he could be decent but yeah, reason why i didnt pick someone like spree is because i think kafees zarya is better and spree cant play hog, honestly couldnt think of anyone else.

support, unkoe dhak and a really good mercy, dunno of any i dont follow good mercys.
unkoe i think best non-korean zen/ana, dhak seems to be best shot caller and a lot of people say hes the best mechanical lucio. about mercy i have no idea.

lineup (agilities soon sinatraa dafran jake linkzr muma kafeee coolmatt unkoe dhak and a good mercy)

KOREAN lineup:
fleta pine fl0wer birdring profit striker DPS
miro fissure zunba WOOHYAL TANK
ryujehong and tobi SUPPORT

difference with korean dps and non korean is that i picked non korean by one tricks strengths cause theres not many non koreans that play all dps kinda (maybe somewhat besides jake)
fleta pine and fl0wer literally play everything besides tracer, and they can play them well too, just that birdring and profit would be better. you can mix A LOT with these players, try to imagine fl0wer striker duo or pine birdring, wow.. (imo striker best tracer out there)

tank: miro fissure both have amazing rein/winston, zunba best zarya in the world, his diva is amazing, woohyal can HOG and zarya well too.

support: ryujehong and tobi, best support duo, getting an addition and make one of them not play will only make it worst.

flower pine fleta birdring profit striker miro fissure zunba woohyal ryujehong tobi
agilities soon sinatraa dafran jake linkzr muma kafeee coolmatt unkoe dhak and a good mercy idk of any

sorry im bored as fuck in work:C

posted about 5 years ago

i watch this forum from time to time, never made an account, but your post made me angry cause you're trying to be smart, but you have no idea what you're saying. literally had to make an account to shut your mouth for a bit.

  1. the fact you're thinking that since its my first post i know less than you is wrong, because my OW experience and rank and scrim experience is 20x more than you. (who the fuck thinks posts = knowledge? lol)

  2. no roolf NEVER played mercy, not even once in the matchup versus australia.

  3. you're wrong thinking that mangachu and, appearntly joemeister are the problems. (cause hes their mercy, no, not roolf)

meta has changed, agilities struggles playing tracer, when he plays genji hes playing well, but he still underperforms. other than that, the synergy on the australian team is a lot better than the canadian, i expected the win from australia, or a close matchup. and seeing what you wrote earlier, made me really angry cause you're so wrong. and here are the proofs, since australia wins.

posted about 5 years ago

1, roolf is the zen player, not the mercy.

why do you try to sound smart everytime, without even knowing anything.


"You're picking xQc, Surefour, Roolf and Joemeister as your sticking point? Now you're just straight up not making any sense. Specially considering that they had to beat Russia, an arguably better team than Australia to get here.

I'm not sure what barometer you're using to judge this team but you seriously need to adjust it."

posted about 5 years ago