eMIL has joined Orgless & Hungry following the departure of Finnsi. Additionally, eMIL has been replaced on Young and Beautiful by Tseini.

Just one game before the end of the group stage in European Contenders, O&H flex tank Finnsi departed the team to join the Los Angeles Valiant. eMIL, who began the season on Mosaic eSports, joined the team after playing his last two matches with YaB. Tseini will play in eMIL's place during Young and Beautiful's last match of the group stage and the playoffs should the team qualify.

While the team still had one match to play at the time of eMIL's acquisition, O&H had already qualified for the playoffs. They lost to the Angry Titans in eMIL's first match with the team. Young and Beautiful play the Bazooka Puppiez in their final match, with the winner qualifying for the last playoff spot in Group B.