Former Shanghai Dragons DPS Undead has joined LinGan e-Sports. He has also changed his alias to hYpnos.

Under his previous alias, hYpnos was seen as one of the highest performers on a winless Shanghai Dragons squad, often excelling as Tracer, McCree and Widowmaker. Despite his abilities, he was removed from the roster after he needed to return to China following relationship issues.

hYpnos has been regarded as one of the best DPS in China even before he joined the Shanghai Dragons. He helped China qualify for the top eight in the 2017 World Cup and was one of the star players on LGD Gaming during their era of dominance in the first half of 2017.

Since his time in Los Angeles with the Dragons, LGD has moved flex support Shy over to the hitscan DPS role that hYpnos used to occupy. While they sit undefeated thus far in Contenders China, LinGan is just barely holding onto a playoff spot at fourth in their group and could use services of hYpnos to help them secure their spot.

Should the current standings hold, hYpnos would play against his former LGD teammates in the opening round of the playoffs.