The Shanghai Dragons have added NRG Esports DPS Daemin to their roster. With Daemin already in the United States when NRG picked him up, he was available to play in the Dragons' first match of Stage 3.

Daemin is the 12th player to join the Shanghai Dragons as they complete their roster, and was added following the release of Undead just a week ago.

Daemin started his career in 2017 on ROX Orcas, where he failed to qualify for APEX Season 3 from APEX Challengers Season 3. Despite the setback, he wounded up playing in APEX Season 3 when he joined Kongdoo Uncia, where he would remain on for the rest of the year. His success on Uncia was mixed, only winning one of his six career APEX matches.

Daemin was later added to NRG Esports, the academy team of the San Francisco Shock, shortly before Contenders 2018, playing all of their recent matches in the group stage before being picked up by the Dragons for the Overwatch League.

Daemin joins a completely renovated Dragons roster that features five new players since the midseason transfer window opened. He debuted alongside Geguri and Sky for the entirety of their most recent match against the Fuel.