The academy team of the Shanghai Dragons, Team CC, have added former Miraculous Youngster tank duo jiqiren and Lateyoung to their roster.

jiqiren and Lateyoung are the third Miraculous Youngster players to be added to the Shanghai Dragons organization, the first being flex support Sky. While Sky will join the Overwatch League team in Los Angeles when he completes the visa process, jiqiren and Lateyoung will begin their careers with the franchise on its academy team. Despite the success of Miraculous Youngster in the Chinese scene for much of the year leading up to the Overwatch League, the Shanghai Dragons had no players from Miraculous Youngster at the team's conception.

The tank duo will join a roster of primarily former Invictus Gaming Fire members. The team saw mixed results during its existence between 2016 and 2017.

Team CC plays its first Overwatch Contenders match on Sunday, April 1 against Moss Seven Club.