The Lucky Future organization has announced the departures of Emilia, Rikako and republic from Lucky Future Zenith while Sowhat has joined the squad. Additionally, seikai has been moved from Zenith to Lucky Future while shuaiguo, cnz and Hysteria have been dropped from Lucky Future.

According to a Weibo post by the team, both Emilia and Rikako have been removed for not meeting the expectations of the team coaches. Main tank republic was dropped due to logistics issues, and will be replaced by former Lunatic-Hai tank Sowhat.

shuaigao was removed from Lucky Future's roster for not meeting coach's expectations, while Hysteria will be an inactive member of the roster and grinding for the next two months for similar reasons. cnz was removed from the team for personality issues.

Lucky Future Zenith plays its first match of Contenders Sunday, April 1 against T1w. Lucky Future will make its Contenders debut a week earlier against Skadi's Gift .