The past couple of weeks have seen a whole host of South American Contenders rosters join organizations. Now every South American team that qualified directly into Contenders from Open Division has an organization.

paiN Gaming, Black Dragons e-Sports, Encore e-Sports, Just W and Nocturns Gaming join Isurus Gaming, Brasil Gaming House, Dogma e-Sports, WS Esports and Predators Esports as organizations participating in Contenders South America.

paiN Gaming picked up Outlanders, a Brazilian team made up of high-performing ladder players. DPS TH7 has been playing since Overwatch was in closed beta, while tank Xikon was formerly the coach of Trials graduate UP Gaming.

Black Dragons e-Sports returns to Overwatch by picking up the LFTOWL roster. kolero and coaches Insanityz and baba1u are returning to the organization after first being a part of it as members of the roster that ended up joining Brasil Gaming House. The team also includes former Method/1SHOT DPS Snow.

Encore Esports has picked up the roster of WS Blue. The players of the squad all transitioned into PC Overwatch after formerly playing at the highest levels of the game on PS4.

Just W, an organization owned by Felps Clothing Brand, picked up Team Jesus. The team's Lucio, ole, used to be a DPS for Keep Gaming, while Kyo has remained his tank since their days together on Keep. Like TH7, pizzalover, Pearlyk and ole have played since closed beta.

Nocturns Gaming feature the most multinational roster in Contenders South America after picking up Team Chroma. The primarily Argentine roster also includes several Uruguayans and a Chilean. In addition, the team is managed by a Brazilian, RabbitHeart. They are coached by DRG.

Of the Trials teams, WS Esports and Dogma e-Sports are already part of organizations. Caverna E-Sports and UP Gaming are the only teams left in Contenders South America without organizations.