The first and only professional Overwatch team in Singapore, Chaos Theory, has officially announced a completely new roster, consisting of 4 players from Elvellon: Legend, Ambition (previously known as JUNGEUNJI), Zest, and GNX, and two new players in Saviour and Distrain. The announcement comes after their long run in the Open Division 2018 Season 1 - Pacific, where they finished 9th-12th after losing to CYCLOPS athelete gaming and Naturals Hokkaido in the playoffs.

Chaos Theory roster Image Credit: Chaos Theory

The original Chaos Theory roster was released in November 2017 after finishing 3rd-4th in the Open Division Season 2 - Southeast Asia, where most of the players either joined other teams or left the scene to serve conscription. On the other hand, Elvellon proved themselves to be one of the strongest teams in the region by winning both Season 2 and Season 3 in the Open Division.

Ambition and Zest have been with Elvellon since 2016 and represented Singapore in the 2017 World Cup. While GNX and Legend were more recent additions to Elvellon, the team managed to keep their performance up despite the occasional roster changes.

Saviour and Distrain fill in the gaps left open by Elvellon’s 2 trial players. The former previously played for Bbong, a team that made their name known by finishing 3rd in the SEA Tournament and making the playoffs in the Open Division Season 2. The latter on the other hand is the most surprising addition to Chaos Theory, who is completely new to the competitive scene and has not played in any major tournament.

We contacted Chaos Theory's General Manager, Zanthel "Vampyrette" Tan, to talk about the new roster and the team's future plans.

What is the motivation behind picking up a new roster?

Vampyrette: There’s a lot of young talent here in Singapore. We hope to be able to guide and nurture these players, helping them pave their way into competitive play with the right attitude. We believe that the support Chaos Theory is able to provide them with will groom them as great representatives for Singapore in esports.

What are the plans with the roster to go from here?

V: The team will continue to train hard, striving to earn the top spot both locally and regionally. There will be many programs set up for our players, engaging other passionate gamers out there as well. We'll see soon enough!

Is the team looking to participate and win Open Division 2018 Season 2 or perhaps venture into other tournaments in the region?

V: Definitely. The team will be participating in tournaments both locally and regionally. There's no time to waste while waiting for a tournament. These players train consistently and ready themselves up for Open Division 2018 Season 2.

The Chaos Theory team was a backup team for Contenders Trials when it was originally planned to be played in Taiwan. What do you feel about that?

V: It is no surprise that they will need to have wild cards or back up teams to fill up slots for Contenders Trials due to the prerequisites. It, however, made us realise that we only missed the top 8 spot by an inch, which is definitely upsetting, but it only motivated the team to come back stronger.

Would Chaos Theory have been able to commit for the Contenders Trials if it was held in Taiwan and perhaps even Contenders if it comes to that?

V: For the current season, the team will not be able to commit for Contenders, unfortunately. Some players have major exams and projects during the tournament period and will not be able to stay in Taiwan.

What are the expectations for the new roster?

V: We look to have the team be in top form, being the best team in Singapore and, eventually, regionally. They will not only participate in tournaments but also be great examples to aspiring professional players out there too.

Anything else you would like to say?

V: Chaos Theory is positive moving forward with our current roster and would like to thank all the members of our community for the support. The team will keep striving to perform and execute great games.

Chaos Theory's roster is now: