Blank Esports have plucked players from some of the Oceanic scene's best teams to refresh their lineup following the departure of longterm members Gunba and Rqt. Former Dark Sided players Kura and ckm have been added to the team at the support and DPS positions respectively. Additionally, Tongue has departed from 4Legs to join Blank as a support player.

All three of these new additions helped their respective teams to qualify for Overwatch Contenders Season 1 - Australia. A member of Team Australia in 2016, Kura is one of Australia's most experienced veterans. Working with the core of what is now Your Name Here, he helped to build a LAN winning squad in the form of Athletico CAMO before making his way to Dark Sided.

ckm returned to competitive Overwatch recently after a lengthy absence, which was of great benefit to Dark Sided after their DPS player Nesty took a step back from the starting lineup. Well respected by his peers, Blank will have the benefit of ckm's proficient DPS chops to pair alongside ieatuup and Hus.

Lastly, tongue will join Kura in the backlines as Blank's flex support player. tongue played with 4Legs in 2017, at one point under Australian esports organisation Kings Gaming Club. He helped the team to steadily grow stronger over time, eventually leading to them being considered the best Australian roster late last year.

With Gunba signed by the Los Angeles Valiant as an analyst and rqt going inactive, Blank Esports' roster no longer resembles the squad that dominated the Australian competitive scene before their venture into the Pacific. In fact, only ieatuup and Trill remain from the roster Blank fielded in the inaugural season of the Pacific Championship.

However, the talent the organisation has brought in is undeniably impressive. The withdrawal of rival teams Flash Wolves, Ardeont and ahq have put Blank in a prime position to take the first season of Contenders Pacific, although Talon Esports' roster remains unannounced and the quality of the teams competing in the Pacific Trials has yet to be tested.

Blank Esports roster is now:

  • Jason "ieatuup" Ho (DPS)
  • Huseyin "Hus" Sahin (DPS)
  • Felix "ckm" Murray (DPS)
  • Daniel "HooWoo" McIntosh (Flex)
  • Ashley "Trill" Powell (Tank)
  • Giorgio "tongue" Lahdo (Support)
  • Sean "Kura" Kovacs (Support)
  • Daniel "Seksi" Alcocer (Coach)
  • Daniel "Doctor" Russell (Manager)