ahq e-Sports Club have announced the disbandment of their Overwatch roster, confirming rumors that have circulated since late 2017. The organisation's announcement was made on the same day as Flash Wolves', with both of the premier Taiwanese esports organisations pulling out of the game for now. It is currently unknown what will happen to ahq's Pacific Contenders spot.

ahq competing in OPC Season 1. Image credit: Blizzard eStadium

Ahq were one of the first organisations to invest in Overwatch in Taiwan, fielding multiple rosters in the early stages of 2016. Plans to relocate to Shanghai in late 2016 were dashed by disappointing showings in the Nexus Cup 2016 Finals and the first chapter of Overwatch Team Story, leading to a roster shakeup.

While they may have had some streaks of impressive play at times, ahq were nearly always second fiddle to their Taiwanese rivals Flash Wolves in 2017. After placing third in the inaugural Pacific Championship season, ahq were unable to return to the playoffs in Season 2, overtaken by Hong Kong Attitude. The team last competed in the APAC Premier, placing 11th-12th.

Flash Wolves and ahq announced their departure from the competitive Overwatch scene on the same day. These moves come as dissatisfaction grows over the Contenders Pacific series in the Asia-Pacific region. The two Taiwanese organisations, alongside Ardeont and another as of yet unnamed invitee, will not be competing in the tournament.