With the opening week of the Overwatch League came media days and the first experiences for many of the young competitors in the league in post-match press conferences. Players fielded question from the media regardless if they just came off a sweet victory or a crushing defeat.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to file into a press room and find out what Overwatch's finest were thinking in the midst of their heated matches, but over.gg's very own Struck has been one of the lucky few. Thanks to him, over.gg has uploaded recordings of several media day and press conferences events from the opening weekend of Overwatch competition. Each video has timestamps for each question volleyed at the teams to make it easier to find points of interest. Check out each press conference below:

Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel Press Conference

Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty Press Conference

London Spitfire

London Spitfire Media Day

London Spitfire Press Conference

Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws Press Conference

New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior Media Day

New York Excelsior Press Conference

Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion Media Day

Philadelphia Fusion Press Conference

Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem Press Conference

Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising Media Day

Boston Uprising Press Conference