Chinese esports organisation Lucky Future have kicked DPS player Xing "MOONMOON" Gaogang (formerly known as 117), claiming that the player breached his contract in the lead up to the Nexus Cup Annual Finals.

These breaches were detailed in the organisation's announcement on Weibo, with Lucky Future claiming that MOONMOON left the team's training house a day before the Nexus Cup Annual Finals, failed to stay in contact with the team's staff and then communicated to the team through weChat that he had chosen to retire from professional Overwatch. In their announcement, Lucky Future claimed that these actions were a breach of contract and seriously impacted the team's preparations for the Annual Finals, hinting at possible legal action against the player.

MOONMOON has since addressed these accusations in a lengthy statement on his Weibo account, in which he stated that he had informed the club of his intention to retire three months ago, which has been denied by the organisation, and that he left the team to be with his hospitalized father.

Whilst the situation remains in flux, with both parties hitting back at each other online, Lucky Future's Overwatch squad have participated in their first Annual Finals match with replacement player Joker, sweeping Meta Athena 2-0.