The Meta have announced their acquisition of free agents ArHaN and Shu, as well as the departure of Hexa and Dahim from the organisation. ArHaN and Shu are set to compete with Meta Athena in the ongoing Nexus Cup 2017 Annual Finals, with their first match coming against Chinese team Lucky Future.

ArHaN was a long time member of Afreeca Freecs, providing the team with his projectile DPS play from August 2016 until the team's disbandment last month. During his time with the Freecs, ArHaN played in four APEX seasons, two APAC Premiers, the IEM Gyeonggi Invitational and multiple Nexus Cup events. He was also a member of the South Korean roster that claimed the inaugural Overwatch World Cup. ArhaN further adds to the Meta's stacked DPS line up which features star hitscan players Sayaplayer and ArHaN's former teammate Recry. The Genji specialist's services will help to fill the vacuum that was left behind by flex player Libero when he left to join the New York Excelsior.

Shu will replace Hexa, a former member of Meta Bellum, in the flex support position and will play alongside Meta Athena's long time support player Kris. Shu has previous experience in the flex support role from his time with Flash Lux in Apex Season 4, showcasing his potential during the tournament despite the team's struggles.

No replacement has been announced for the departing Dahim, who was a member of Meta Bellum during Apex Challengers Season 4 and Apex Season 4. Bellum now has a six-man roster.

These moves appear to be The Meta's final efforts in rebuilding their Athena roster following a disappointing performance in Apex Season 4. Unable to emulate their second place finish in Apex Season 2, Meta Athena have looked out of sorts in the latter half of 2017. Fans will be hoping that this rebuild can spark some life back into what was once one of Korea's most exciting teams.

The roster for Meta Athena is now:

  • Jeong “Recry” Taek-hyun (DPS)
  • Ha "Sayaplayer" Jeong-woo (DPS)
  • Jeong "ArHaN" Weon-hyeop (DPS)
  • Lee "NoName" Won-jae (Flex)
  • Kim "SanSam" Hyang-ki (Flex)
  • Kim "aWesomeGuy" Seong-hun (Tank)
  • Oh "Rio" Seung-pyo (Tank)
  • Choi "Kris" Jun-soo (Support)
  • Kim "Shu" Jin-seo (Support)
  • Kang "Vol'Jin" Min-gyu (Coach)
  • Choi "r2der" Hyun-jin (Coach)

The Meta Bellum roster is now:

  • Jang "CCJ" Min-ki (Flex)
  • Choi "Hoon" Jae-hoon (Flex)
  • Lee Na1st Ho-sung (Flex)
  • Hwang "Marve1" Min-seo (Tank)
  • Kim "Chara" Jung-yeon (Support)
  • Cho "Hyeonu" Kyeon-woo (Support)
  • Kang "Vol'Jin" Min-gyu (Coach)
  • Lee "NakYup" Yu-bin (Coach)