The Helsinki Reds have announced the release of DPS Lalli and main tank akke. Both players have announced they are now looking to play for Contenders teams.

Additionally, NYYRIKKI Esports has announced the release of their Overwatch roster and a short time away from the game. The team declared they will be focusing their efforts on building a Contenders Season Two roster for 2018.

Lalli, akke, and Tailsman all joined the Reds from Alfa Squad after the roster disbanded in August. The Reds hoped that the additions would spark some success for a squad that has struggled to establish itself as a powerhouse in an active Finnish Overwatch scene. Instead, the team's results remained relatively the same and the roster is left with only one player formerly from Alfa Squad.

These might not be the last major shakeups within the Finnish scene before the year ends. "With Gigantti players leaving for the Overwatch League and with Contenders Season Two coming up, the top of the Finnish scene will most likely have a kinda big shuffle," said a manager from NYYRIKKI.