As the action ramped up in Semifinals, France took on South Korea in one of the most highly anticipated matches of the Overwatch World Cup, while Canada awaited the victors in the final. Both teams battled hard from start to finish, with every map going to the wire. Still, South Korea found a way to clutch the crucial moments as they moved forward to defend their crown.


University: South Korea took an early lead in an explosive start, but an impressive Primal Rage from KnoxXx allowed France to get on the board. South Korea came back with well-executed ultimates to take the first round.

City Center: It was another strong start for the Koreans as they took a 42% lead. Control was traded back and forth and both teams neared 100%, but in the critical fight France split up South Korea and finished the frags to tie the map.

Gardens: Fl0w3R took the early frag on his Pharah counterpart aKm, but it was France who took initial control. South Korea won the next fight, but not before significant stall from France. As South Korea approached 100%, a good Self-Destruct from NiCO killed ryujehong allowing aKm to exert his aerial superiority. France regained control as it went to a final fight, but this time ryujehong had Valkyrie and the resurrects proved too much. South Korea had won a close opening map.


An opening pick from winz’s Zenyatta allowed France an early positional advantage and a swift capture of the first point. France continued their aggression, with aKm shredding through the Korean players. A series of successful Dragonblades from Fl0w3R slowed the Frenchmen down significantly but France built their ultimate economy and completed the map in overtime.

South Korea made steady progress on their attack but the French defence was relentless with its aggression, costing South Korea significant time. Despite the delays, a three-man Pulse Bomb on the final stage from saebyeolbe allowed South Korea to make back lost time. France could not recover as the second round of attacks were to come.

So0n ran Bastion for France’s one minute offence, but South Korea reacted well and prevented any progress on the point. With a clear win condition in place, South Korea attacked with ferocity. France defended valiantly, but South Korea had enough time for a second attempt and a protracted fight eventually went the way of the Koreans. Despite how close the series had been, France found themselves down 2-0.


France’s attack got off to a slow start as zunba regularly picked the Frenchmen on Roadhog. Despite finally capturing Point A, France continued to struggle while South Korea applied heavy pressure to aKm to deny him an opportunity to set up on the high ground. The ruthless defence from South Korea limited France to 48.6% on Point B.

South Korea was next to attack and rolled out with Fl0w3R on Widowmaker, but France was prepared and disciplined. With no openings, Fl0w3R switched first to Genji and then to Bastion, but could find no success. With Fl0w3R unable to propel his team forward, France was able to cling on to the match by full holding South Korea.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

South Korea made steady progress on their offence, while France caused delays they were never able to completely win a team fight. saebyeolbe kept finding Pulse Bombs sticks and enabled his team to finish with 2:07 left on the clock.

France was faced with an aggressive South Korean defence at the first turn, led by Mano. It took all four minutes for France to overcome this first hurdle and then another overtime push before a So0n backcap secured second. Their struggles with the first two points meant time was against the Frenchmen, and they would eventually fall just short of the final checkpoint. France was defeated and the former Rogue roster had played their final game together. For South Korea, it meant they had achieved back-to-back Grand Finals and a chance to remain undefeated World Cup champions.