Korean flex support player Luna, most well known for his time on LuxuryWatch Blue, announced his retirement over Twitter this past weekend. He also mentioned in his tweet that he had received offers from various Overwatch squads, but has chosen to turn his attention to PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS instead.

Luna had not played on a team since his dismissal from LW Blue just a day before APEX Season 4's original roster deadline. His release from the LuxuryWatch Blue roster became the subject of much controversy, not just for the unfortunate timing, but also because he was released for reasons regarding his performance in scrims rather than in official matches. While the LuxuryWatch organization apologized to Luna and fans, it was reported that Luna felt the apology was untrue and unjust, turning to ashes a bridge that had already been burned.

Luna is now following in the path of EVERMORE, who also made the switch from Overwatch to PUBG. While EVERMORE has found success in his new game, only time will tell if Luna's switch was the right choice.