GC Busan and RunAway have been announced as the last two teams invited to the 2017 APAC Premier.

The invitations should quash speculation that China had been purposely inviting weaker foreign teams, as both GC Busan and RunAway just recently advanced to this season's OGN grand finals. GC Busan's OGN playoff run was particularly notable and included high profile upsets against both Lunatic Hai (3-0) and Cloud9 Kongdoo (4-0).

APAC's group stage is scheduled to run from October 19th-25th followed by the playoffs from October 26th-29th. Both GC Busan and Runaway will bypass the group stage entirely and automatically join 1246 and Miraculous Youngster in the playoffs.

The invited teams for the 2017 APAC Premier are:

Group A

Group B

Advance to Playoffs