The final game of the day in the Contenders Season 1 playoffs concluded with FaZe Clan vs. EnVision eSports, as the two went head on for a chance to play EnVyUs in the Grand Finals.


EnVision's Tseini dominated the Pharah battle early on Well, and with FaZe having no answer to the Finnish rocket man, EnVision made it a quick 1-0. It was a more even affair on Lighthouse, as Carpe's focus on numlocked limited the impact of Tseini. It went down to the wire, but a Dragon-Blade from Jaru finished it for EnVision, giving them a map victory.


A triple tank defence from FaZe and some great Zarya play from ShaDowBurn gave FaZe a strong start, before EnVision eventually captured first thanks to McGravy's Tac-Visor. Low on time, EnVision battled on, but never finished the second phase thanks to a clinical play from ShaDowBurn, this time on Genji.

FaZe went back to triple tank for their offence, with Carpe's Hanzo lighting up the kill-feed. EnVision eventually stopped the FaZe assault just before the golden box of victory, but with three minutes left on the clock, FaZe used the time bank to stack ultimates and overpower EnVision to tie the series.

Volskaya Industries

FaZe’s DPS dominated defence early on, eating away most of EnVision’s time before they finally captured Point A. EnVision recovered as they took two ticks in their first attack on Point B, but they couldn’t find a way around Rawkus’ EMPs, and finished on 93.9%.

Rawkus' Ana then became the heart of FaZe’s play as they dominated most of the fights. It took several attempts, but thanks to a good Primal Rage from FCTFCTN, they were able to convert the Point B capture, and take the lead in the series.

Route 66

EnVision attacked first with a curious Roadhog pick from Tseini, which proved unfruitful for the team. He eventually switched to D.Va, making EnVision’s attacks more dangerous, but it was too little too late as time expired without FaZe giving up a single checkpoint. It took barely over a minute for FaZe to complete their attack, take the series, and ensure their place in tomorrow's Grand Final.

The two most dominant teams will meet in the Grand Final, setting up an all-star clash that will see the hungry squadrons collide for the crown and the title of the best team in North America.