The action continued in the second European semifinal as Team Gigantti took on a 123 missing their star tank.


123 came out fighting on Ruins, taking a 98% lead before losing control, but a dominant Widowmaker performance from Finnsi eventually sealed the round. Lighthouse was next and again 123 took first control. This time it was short lived thanks to some strong Tracer play from Davin. fragi and zappis shut down every attack from 123 to tie the score. The map decider came to Well, where an ineffective Pharah from Hafficool allowed Gigantti to take an early series lead.


A triple DPS setup, spearheaded by Hafficool’s Genji, allowed 123 to make good time on an attack unimpeded until the final phase. 123 then made a quick switch to Reinhardt, Zarya, and Junkrat to match Gigantti but the Finns continued to stall. In the final moments some good Junkrat play from Hafficool helped 123 clinch the final point.

Gigantti’s offense was jump started by a LiNkzr McCree who tore through all three stages. No one on 123 could close the space on LiNkzr as he cleared up everyone, leaving his team with a 1:35 timebank to obtain a single tick. Gigantti ran with the same McCree composition for their next attack and it worked just as well, ending an impressive second map for Gigantti.

Temple of Anubis

A good Dragon Blade allowed 123 to take Point A in reasonable time but as they moved onto Point B the team started to struggle. 123 couldn’t turn their advantages into capture time as Gigantti staggered well. 123 ran out of time with a disappointing 64.8% on the board.

For Gigantti, zappis flexed onto Widowmaker for Point A helping to turn a quick cap. Gigantti approached Point B with a single support comp and Shaz on Reaper. It took the Finns several attempts but eventually the ultimate combos were too much for 123 as the underdogs were eliminated from the tournament.

Team Gigantti booked their place in the Grand Finals in dominant fashion with three straight map victories. 123 put up a fight but the gap in skill was notable; Shaz, zappis and LiNkzer all outplayed their counterparts. With Misfits looking vulnerable earlier today, Gigantti hope to maintain their form going into tomorrow's grand final.