Only two weeks remain until the end of the Pacific Championship's regular season. The playoff race between Hong Kong Attitude, Blank Esports and ahq eSports Club is still too close to call as the tournament winds down, whilst a rekindled rivalry looks to have emerged in the Taiwanese scene.


Flash Wolves and ahq revive the Taiwanese rivalry

Flash Wolves roster was built to be a Taiwanese super team fit to dominate the Pacific Championship and make a name for Taiwan in the world of Overwatch. When fellow Taiwanese team ahq upset the Wolves in week four of the first season of the Pacific Championship it looked like a rivalry was developing. However, the Wolves coalesced into dominant form across the rest of the season, thus ending any chances of future Taiwanese grudge matches.

Coincidentally, ahq have beaten Flash Wolves in Week 4 of the tournament yet again, taking down the number two seed in a close 3-2 match last week. The derby was accented by a brutal full hold by ahq on Numbani, the final map of the match, clinching the game for the underdogs. Flash Wolves' loss adds to the series of poor performances the team has put out this season. With Ardeont currently looking nigh-unbeatable, Flash Wolves look like they may even drop out of the tournament in the semifinals if they're not careful. ahq's victory will go a long way towards getting the team back into the top four and thus securing a playoff spot.

Hong Kong Attitude, Blank Esports and ahq eSports still locked in battle

One of these teams will not see playoffs, as Ardeont and Flash Wolves have already practically secured themselves two of the available four spots in the second stage of the tournament. HKA are in the best position of the three, sitting in the third seed with six wins to their four losses. Victories against Blank and MEGA in week four helped the team secure itself in such a favorable position, although they are not yet out of the woods as they have a fixture against Flash Wolves this week and ahq the next.

Blank are the current fourth seed, although they share an identical win-loss record with ahq. Both teams should expect to win all their games this week, although ahq could potentially regress into their old ways and fall to MEGA. A single loss to a team like MEGA or Machi would likely end either of these team's playoffs chances.

Machi hanging on by a thread

Machi Esports are in a rut; since beating MEGA their only victory has come against Libalent Supreme. This is a serious problem for the team as they are currently one of the two worst squads on the standings, with the bottom two teams being relegated. Without the benefit of two Japanese teams to take the bullet for them this season, Machi will have to grind out some victories if they do not want to be sent to the qualifier.

Unfortunately, Week 5 will likely be Machi's doom, as they face ahq, Ardeont and Flash Wolves all in one week. With six seed MEGA gaining confidence with their new-look line-up and three highly difficult matches ahead of them, expect to see this team in the seventh seed come the end of the regular season.

Week 4 standings

The standings at the conclusion of Week 4 can be found below: