It has only been a couple of weeks since it was announced that Brazil’s Keep Gaming would be disbanding upon finishing their current tournament commitments, but a new roster is already rising from the ashes of the defunct squad. A team primarily made up of players from Keep Gaming and Brasil Gaming House has formed under the name LFTOWL.

Half of the team will be made up of former Keep players with DPS player Nitro, tank Fastie, and support wings will be playing the same roles for their new squads. Former BGH flex murizzz will be playing DPS while former BGH coach Insanityz will be playing support. The final piece to the team will be flex player Wetter, a former professional player who had taken a hiatus since playing in the Old Spice Tournament in January.

Those two departures from BGH, plus the departure of the team's other coach, baba1u, leave some gaps in the region's best team, notably murizzz's flex spot. Fortunately for them, the former Keep roster also had a capable flex player, and thus the organization has announced honorato will be its new flex. The organization has yet to officially announce why murizzz and Insanityz are no longer on the team, however, leaving fans of Brazilian Overwatch with nothing but guesses as to what happened. As for the LFTOWL roster, it remains to be seen when they will enter their first tournament and attempt to compete with South America's established powerhouses.

The roster for LFTOWL is:

  • Gabriel "Nitro" Gaspar (DPS)
  • Murillo "murizzz" Tuchtenhagen (DPS)
  • Marcello "Wetter" Floriani (Flex)
  • Renan "Fastie" Melo (Tank)
  • Tiago "wings" Righi (Support)
  • Yuri "Insanityz" Ribeiro (Support)