Brazilian squad Keep Gaming has disbanded according to their manager, Ricci. The team decided to finish out their tournaments commitments, which right now only includes the ongoing Overwatch Campeonato Brasileiro.

While the team never officially announced their demise, flex player ole revealed on Twitter that he was leaving Keep but would continue playing to see out the tournaments he had already committed to. It has been confirmed that the rest of his teammates will be following suit, which will ultimately leave Brazil without its main counterbalance to the ever-dominant Brasil Gaming House.

Keep Gaming has been seen as the second best team in Brazil and all of South America for some time. The squad had been the only regional competition for top dogs Brasil Gaming House, being the only South American team in our records to have even taken a map off of them. On the other side, Keep's only losses in our match archive have been to BGH. Fans of competitive South American Overwatch fans will now have to pin their hopes on KARMA, formerly Team Argentina, to fill the void.

The Keep Gaming team that will be finishing the grueling 14 week season of OWCB before disbanding is:

  • Gabriel "Nitro" Gaspar (DPS)
  • Pedro "ole" Orlandini (Flex)
  • Maurício "honorato" Honorato (Flex)
  • Renan "Fastie" Melo (Tank)
  • Tiago "wings" Righi (Support)
  • Daniel "dani" Ataco (Support)
  • Vinicius "prod" Andrade (Substitute)
  • Murilo "Ricci" Ricci (Manager)