Meta have brought in former Kongdoo Panthera player and Newbee coach r2der (also known as HyuN) to coach their Athena roster.

Meta announced r2der's addition to the organisation on Twitter.

Previously a member of Panthera's APEX Season 1 squad, r2der transitioned to his current coaching role after leaving Kongdoo late last year and joining Chinese organisation Newbee to coach their Overwatch team. He became teamless after Newbee disbanded, but this move to Meta marks his return to the competitive Overwatch scene.

Meta Athena failed to pick up a single victory in this season of APEX and as such will play in the relegation and promotion event 'Super Week'. Since a strong performance in Season 2, Athena have been unable to meet their reputation as an up-and-coming Korean power. Given this poor performance, as well as the possibility of players on the team departing for the Overwatch League, it seems to be highly likely that Athena will undergo further changes in the off season.