MEGA Esports have released North American player Moffitt as the second season of the Pacific Championship reaches its halfway point. Moffitt's tenure with the team was short lived, playing in just five games before being benched.

The move comes after a shaky start to the season for the Thunder, who are currently seventh in the Pacific Championship Season 2 standings. NzNr, who starred for Thailand in the World Cup, has returned to the Thunder's active roster in the DPS slot. Whilst playoffs are likely out of reach for the team due to their poor record, noticeable improvement has been seen since bringing in White from DeToNator.KOREA.

The active roster for MEGA Thunder is now:

  • Ubon "oPuTo" Dara (DPS)
  • Sasalak "NzNr" Wannara (DPS)
  • Martin "Graceful" Wongprom (Flex)
  • Choi "White" Joon-hyung (Flex)
  • Teetawat "Teetawatv3" Teerayosyotin (Tank)
  • Vuthichai "Rocket" Posawad (Support)
  • Elijah "Elkiea" Gallagher (Support)
  • Bradford "PYYYOUR" Ross (Coach)