Team Germany is a roster full of talent, but one disregarded as capable of challenging Wa- the UK for the top spot in their group. The reason why jumps out with a quick visit to their team page; Germany is bringing three DPS players a few months after triple DPS has fallen out of favor.

While it is unknown what composition Germany has been trying in scrims, it is known that Nesh has had experience playing flex before. He trialed with compLexity as flex during Carbon Series and again for NRG during scrims not too long after. While he eventually became DPS for the recently disbanded Hollywood Hammers, he is more than capable of playing off-tank should Germany need it.

Alongside Nesh on DPS are EISSFELDT, former hitscan of LG Loyal, and cRNKz, and DPS of Team expert. All three are capable of playing Soldier 76, Nesh and EISSFELDT are both very capable Tracers, and cRNKz is a solid Genji. Between the trio, there is a lot of flexibility on who plays what character.

On flex support, there is cRNKz's Team expert teammate, Veineless. Once a member of the Team Dignitas team that was just finding its form with dive before its untimely demise, his Ana and Zenyatta will be important in overcoming Germany's group rivals. On Lucio will be APEX champion INTERNETHULK, former Winston main, shotcalling Lucio, and coach of Team Liquid. His experience and calls will be what it takes to bring some order to a team with so top-heavy with impulsive DPS head clickers. The final spot on the team will be filled by accomplished tank skipjack, who has spent most of 2017 in substitute purgatory. He will be eager to showcase his ability on the world stage yet again and re-establish himself as one of the best tanks in the world.

The Team Germany roster will be:

  • Joshua "cRNKz" Santana (DPS)
  • Arthur "EISSFELDT" Marx (DPS)
  • German "Nesh" Kobrin (DPS)
  • Nicholas "skipjack" Rosada (Tank)
  • Marcel "Veineless" Lehmann (Support)
  • Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka (Support)