DeToNator.KOREA, the Korean Overwatch roster fielded by Japanese oganisation DeToNator, have undergone several changes following their failure to qualify for the Pacific Championship where they finished third in the Season 2 Qualifier.

Expectations were generally high for the Korean team in the qualifier, so many were shocked when Japanese team Libalent Supreme eliminated them in a tense 2-3 lower bracket final. With their goal of participating in the Pacific Championship thwarted, DeToNator have retooled their Korean roster with a focus on participating in future APEX events.

The team will compete in an online qualifier on the 12th August, alongside other Korean hopefuls looking to climb the ladder such as Lunatic-Hai's sister team. Fourteen participants in the online qualifier will then make their way to a further offline event, from which seven teams will earn their place in APEX Challengers Season 5.

Only Beksul, now known as Snow, and Trona, now known as White, remain from the original roster. Players NPamy, Stellar Modern, Insanity and QuadBlitz are the team's new additions. Notably, Modern competed with Flash Lux in APEX Season 3 before leaving the team in the off-season, whilst insanity played on the now disbanded MVP Infinity.'

The DeToNator.KOREA new looks roster is:

  • Choi "White" Joon-Hyung (DPS)
  • Lee "Stellar" Do-Hyung (DPS)
  • Ahn "QuadBlitz" Kwang-Hwan (DPS)
  • Yoo "Snow" Tae-Young (Tank)
  • Kim "Modern" Su-hoon (Tank)
  • Lee "insanity" Ji Seop (Support)
  • An "NPamy" Min-Young (Support)