Barely a day after it was announced that California-based Cloud 9 had bought an Overwatch League spot in London, the national team of the United Kingdom will be playing in California for the Overwatch World Cup. Keep an eye on the crowd for C9 Jack wrapped in a Union Jack - we’re calling it.

The team's main tank is no stranger to playing in southern California. Previously playing the same position for the recently disbanded Hollywood Hammers, ChrisTFer will be main tanking for the United Kingdom. Alongside him on the flex role will be Smex, who most recently was seeking a salary alongside his teammates on You Guys Get Paid?. The team features two players who have both swapped between DPS and support during their times in Overwatch, Kruise and Realzx. During the World Cup, we will likely be watching Kruise's Genji while Realzx takes charge of Lucio duties. Kruise's eUnited teammate Boombox will head up flex support, and more specifically on the Zenyatta he has become known for. The roster is rounded out by Welshman MGEMi- I mean MikeyA, the team's lone rare flag and DPS player formerly of FaZe Clan and Ninjas with Attitude.

With eUnited well-represented on the roster, it only makes sense that the team is properly equipped to play the dive meta that eUnited has looked so good on. While Kruise's Genji has already been noted, his DPS comrade MikeyA is accustomed to running Tracer, and running her well. Boombox's Zenyatta is one of the best in the world, and his proficiency on the hero has been a crucial piece to both Cyclowns and eUnited during his time on the teams. ChrisTFer is capable of playing both Reinhardt and Winston at high levels while Realzx's talented shotcalling should keep the team focused. To round it all off, Smex's off-tank play should help keep his teammates protected while they are focused on putting out damage.

While the United Kingdom enter into Group H as the favorites, their road to BlizzCon certainly won't be an easy one. Their group features teams full of world class talent in Germany, Belgium, and Israel, and Israel has brought the full ZenGaming roster with them to ensure the team gels. In the round of 16 they are guaranteed a tough matchup; Taiwan and Brazil have brought full rosters that have yet to play North American or European teams on even ping, making them unknowns with high potential, and the United States has a fearsome roster as well. Third place in Group G will be occupied by a very talented team, meaning the UK will have to overcome a battle-tested second or first place Group G team to qualify for the round of eight.

The United Kingdom roster present for the Santa Monica sunset will be:

  • Harrison "Kruise" Pond (DPS)
  • Michael "MikeyA" Adams (DPS)
  • Eoghan "Smex" O'Neill (Flex)
  • Christopher "ChrisTFer" Graham (Tank)
  • Isaac "Boombox" Charles (Support)
  • Marcus "Realzx" Vining (Support)